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Social Currency

Social Currency is defined by the world wide web as information shared which encourages further social encounters. However, I like this blogger’s definition better: “Social Currency is the raw essence of relationships.” Really, saying that you want to create social currency is a fancy way of saying that you want to encourage people to form and build relationships, to interact with one another. The reason it’s worth using this terminology is that people these days, especially business people, tend to think in terms of money and economy, especially when evaluating things. In my opinion, creating the term Social Currency is an attempt to get business people to recognize the the social value of enterprises in order to gain their support. Personally, I just think it’s a cool idea.

Or According to Wikipedia… Social currency is a common term that can be understood as the entirety of actual and potential resources which arise from the presence in social networks and communities, may they be digital or offline. It derives from Pierre Bourdieu’s social capital theory and is about increasing one’s sense of community, granting access to information and knowledge, helping to form one’s identity, and providing status and recognition.

Congratulations on getting your drivers licence James! …Both of you!



lobster for dinner at shad in the wind on the beach


The LIGHTHOUSE.: question on your drug stance:

“what do you generally believe in?”



what do i believe in? i believe in wearing the same jeans as yesterday. i believe in smiling at strangers. in being chaotic and crooked and compassionate. i believe in stars and the way some thousand year old dust of theirs is sitting inside your chest right now. i believe in luck and i believe in something much more marvelous and outside the stretch of my understanding. i believe in the sand beneath my toes. i believe in sun burns and getting your hands dirty. i believe in potential. in fireworks in the bottom of a waterlogged soul. i believe in love and wonder and magic at first sight, at after sight and ever and ever sight, at every single god damn sight. i believe in believing, i believe in reason and lack thereof. i believe in logic and sanity, and everything that undermines it. everything that says “fuck you” to all the rules. i believe in music being turned all the way up and the windows rolled down, i believe in things with and without words. i believe in unconditional and i believe in a love that isn’t jealous or selfish. i believe in things this world tells me are foolish, and i believe in them passionately and without apologies.

This is a beautiful credo.

Things you might find out about me in surveys if I wasn’t too cool for them ;)

  • I am fascinated by peoples motives, relationships, beliefs and emotions
  • I am not frightened of the dark but I am easily frightened when it is dark
  • I plan what I’m going to write in my head before I write it
  • I know how to solve a rubik’s cube
  • I cherish things like yearbooks, appreciations and journals
  • I am currently reading Orson Scott Card’s book Songmaster
  • I just learned how to use google calendar
  • I had a dream once which I pierced my ears and didn’t like it, so I have never pierced my ears
  • I have friends across the country from Vancouver to St. John’s named James
  • I wished to be a fairy when I was a child
  • Benadryl can knock me out for 14 hours
  • I miss everyone from Shad Valley UNB 2010 a ton and a half
  • I am more excited than frightened for university this coming September
  • My last text was to Bethany
  • I seek meaning everywhere
  • I’m getting up at 7:25 tomorrow so goodnight! (and sweet dreams)

The Reason I Will Be A Scientist

The deepest reason I have for wanting to be a science is a combination of fear and need to understand. I feel regular jolts in my day to day life – what I am experiencing, what is consciousness, time? How can I think and feel now and not be able to sometime in the distant incomprehensible future? The very thought of mortality is terrifying. However it propels me to question things, to wonder about the very structure of the universe. How can their be anything without someone or something to observe it? Would it matter if there was or wasn’t anything without sentient beings of some sort to observe? And while these questions may seem more science fiction than of this world I sometimes feel like our everyday actions and existences start to lose meaning if we don’t bring depth ourselves. Whether it be depth of thought, feeling, purpose. And only in this last year have I started to find the words to express these nagging out-of-place feelings whose stirrings have plagued me for years. I can remember the very moment they first struck me, and how I struggled to control or understand them somehow, with little success. Now I have gained some tools and guidance through philosophy, psychology, astronomy, all the sciences. The same fields which most likely led me to feel this way in the first place. Although I am still unsettled, I am becoming more ready to question even my questions, to look deeper into things that frighten and intrigue me. How does time work? What is scale and where do humans fit on it? Sometimes it is very hard to sort through all the clutter of our own personalities to find our core, what we’re truly made of? Extraction of our will from the manipulations of environment and circumstance that equally shape us. But I believe this is central to myself, the desire for deep understanding, for the type of peace that comes with that understanding.