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I think it would make everyone’s life a little better if we took time to plant things. I mean, the act of getting your hands dirty with earth and water and then patiently tending a fragile growing thing has got to be good for the soul. Plus, doesn’t the world need a little more patience, a little more nurturing? Things go fast fast fast all the time, and with speed comes haste and laziness, and soon things are done just to be done, with little care or consideration, and at that point the meanings attached to words, actions, projects and the like are easily forgotten, trimmed away for the sake of speed. I think the whole of earth could use a bit of a reality check, I mean, we need to get our priorities straight, myself included. It is so hard to see what is real when we speed along the way we do and contrived human notions surround us on a daily basis. Marketing, media and unspoken rules about what makes a good life. Phobias, greed, the cries for justice which so easily shift in to cries for war, blood. I understand that there are things worth fighting for, I really do, but I think we fight for silly things sometimes. We focus our attention on things that don’t matter. We isolate ourselves in order to avoid the conflicting emotions cause by empathy for those who are worse off than ourselves, and in turn feel jealous of those who we see as above ourselves in this social construct of our own imagining. And the thing is, when a vast majority of people believe in something, incredibly enough, it is very hard to distinguish from reality. It’s called the tinkerbell effect. I think children should be taught to plant things, instead of to tear them down. I mean, I think its time for us to choose some new things to believe in, this just isn’t working.



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so happy we bought nutella on the shopping trip yesterday – i don’t eat much when Jordan is away and this will facilitate nutrition getting into my body. it doesn’t help that i am suddenly super sick. it started yesterday when i got up at like 6 am and cleaned the entire house and then slept from 1030 to 130 pm – and then was totally out of it for the rest of the day – i got some other fun stuff done and we watched some stargate and when to colleen and jasmine’s for awesome dinner but i was so tired all day AND had two coldsores… and then voila – woke up this morning with non-stop sneezing and headache… so sick again… i like to catalogue my sick days on tumblr. it helps me to keep track of them.

You’ve gotta eat! Pad Thai and Lasagna in the freezer! Eat! Eat! <3

mmmm, and Jordan’s Pad Thai is sooo good.

Quick Update

So, it’s exam week.

Well – that sucks. On the upside going home in less than a week and I even have a ride to the airport.

I think I pulled off over 80% on my math final. hoping, hoping, hoping that I did because it was a fair bit harder than I expected and the application questions were tricky, especially seeing that there weren’t really any of thosa on our assignments. Enough whining, time to focus on the last two Linear Algebra and Chemistry.

Yesterday after my exam Adam and Sean came over and we played Set. Keith showed up as well, of course. So the four of us played. The thing about set is that it takes a fair bit of practice to get good, but then you’re, well, set. So me and Sean who both used to play all the time CRUSHED the newbies. I won, bwahaha. Then we all chilled in Sora and Katie’s room for a while with Jeff, Dylan, Kevin and Kyle. At least until power hour was over and our don broke up the party.

My room is a mess of papers and I need to do laundry, make a Christmas card, pack, send said Christmas card, and ace, or at least do well on my two remaining exams in the next three days.

Oh, and I got a postcard from James Flynn today! Wheeee!

AND, Sean somehow stumbled on the perfect Christmas present for me, so despite math the last few days have been pretty happy. (Also heard Jason play the piano again – oh sweet summer shad memories).

Mmm, and donuts.

Okay, studytime, wish me luck tumblverse.


‘close stranger

Christ Muffins! Feel the power of Jesus Christ…now with raisins.

Sean (studying at St. Paul’s is amazingly amusing as always)