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Its Faiz!!

16 down, 4 to go omg!

No offence, but wouldn’t this be “18 down, 4 to go”? I mean the previous post was “17 down, 5 to go” and before that was “16 down, 8 to go” so it’s only logical…

My favourite postcard of the week.

OK tumblrites… tumblrians… and tumblrs. I have a question for you. What do you think I should do?


Is it a bad idea, in first year university, to have a number of back to back courses on one day, and leave a couple weekdays open? Or is it better to have a couple classes each day with space in between?

Any and all thoughts on this would be appreciated


Okay, so basically you have to work every day (or nearly every day) when you’re in university. Classes take up at most half of the hours you work, and can take up as little as a quarter of it. The benefit of leaving days open is you can sleep in or do something else one one of those days every once in a while if you work extra the rest of the week. Also you can work on the same subject for a long stretch without interruptions if you find it easier to focus that way. The downside is that all your classes will be clumped together. It can become very hard to focus after hours of classes but profs don’t slow down for anyone and classes are pretty much entirely lectures. You’ll be spoken at for the entirety of classes and absorbing as much as possible makes life possible (the more you absorb the less cramming theĀ  more sleep). So it depends how long you can focus well, and how disciplined you can be about studying when you technically don’t have scheduled classes. Something that’s worth more consideration is who teaches the classes on different days. Check them out at . Having a good prof makes a hard class easier, and having a bad prof is hellish, so read up ahead as much as you can. Also, consider something other than the extremes. Having 8 hours of class a day is a lot for anyone to handle, but having a lighter day, say 2 or 3 hours of class, in the middle of the week and 5-6 hour days the rest of the week can relieve a lot of stress. Also keep in mind that lots of assignments tend to be due on Fridays (at least from my experience) so it’s nice to have a lighter work day on Wednesday or Thursday just in case you’re not, you know, done before that.



Niiiiiiice. Sharkeye Jones takes on the TFiOS cover.

Nerdfighter Sharkeye Jones is just brilliant.

I am very excited for this book. I think this is my favourite cover so far.