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Geese aren’t for punting. You must respect the geese. Then, in exchange… they shit on everything. That’s how this relationship works.



So, uh, I ended up designing covers in that same style for every John Green novel.

I love these book covers so much.


Have you ever been set free? I was recently. For more than a year I’ve been wrought up, tortured by things that are beyond my control. If I want to get down to brass tacks, I would say that I’ve been under an existential thumb for several years. I know – it all sounds so vague and maybe even ominous. It’s not. I just want to mark this occasion but I don’t want to dredge up the details. I am free because they no longer matter.

Also, I don’t know why I picked this picture. There is something in his expression that spoke to me. Ok, October 2011, it’s a whole new ball game or whatever metaphor does the trick.

I adore mildlyannoyedrabbit ever since Dana showed me.

Feeling pretty good tonight. I think calc tomorrow will go okay. At least, I feel more prepared then I have for the last three calc exams I’ve taken. Good enough, to sleep for eight hours, and just do some assignment questions, finish the practice midterm tomorrow. I got through all the examples in my notes, mostly by myself! I even wrote my little summaries. 🙂

Thinking about the future a lot lately

What do I want to do?

I’m quite happy in my program, Nanotechnology Engineering.

I like teaching people stuff.

I like being around people.

I like making discoveries.

I like making art, and writing, and crafts in general.

I like working with other people, and social justice, and contributing.

I want to make a difference.

I don’t want to be isolated.

I think superconductivity is super cool.

I like the ideas of integrating different fields.

I like innovation and entrepreneurship.

So many paths. So many choices.


As well as those Fox Gloves there are Lions, Owls, Squirrels, Pandas and all sorts. From Pomber

These are soooo cute!


Justin Paszul

A quiet moment to oneself suddenly becomes a horrifying detachment from one’s own headspace

I can relate to this..