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I feel rotten.

I failed my calculus midterm.

It’s a really hard thing to move past, as the material was not so far beyond my grasp, and it was not exceedingly difficult, I just did a poor job of studying and didn’t refresh the section that most of the exam was on. I should have done the practice exam. This is probably the worst score I’ll have gotten on any test ever.

I don’t feel like I did anywhere near my best. I’m just sad. Not just sad, I feel ashamed.

I mean, if I had done my best, then at least I could be satisfied in that, that I had put in effort, exhausted myself, done all that I could have done and worked through it. But this, I don’t even feel good about it being over. I just feel sick and weary.

I’m not prepared for the three other midterms that are approaching either.

I am tired and worn out, but unjustifiably so.

I mean, what did I do that was so hard that I am deserving of whining?

I just want to sleep and cuddle and draw and watch happy movies.

New vs. Old Profile pics.

Does this reflect that the main differences in my life are:

  1. My blue has partially grown out;
  2. I actually drew my part incorrectly this time (as I would see it in a mirror, oops)
  3. I now believe in giraffe love; and last but certainly not least,
  4. I now have Arizonas?

I do, however, miss whiteboards.

I just wanted to talk a little more about my comic making process. I’m learning how to use Photoshop, but I’m not super comfortable with it, so I mostly draw things on paper. I do my drawings in pencil first, and then use pen to draw over the lines once I have things roughly how I like them. I use Staedtler triplus fineliners, but sharpie fineliners also work pretty well. The reason I use felt tip pens instead of ballpoint is that I find ballpoint pens catch more often and have problems with any previous grooves in the paper. I scan and take pictures of my work at various stages. The Ordinary Superpower comics I’ve been making required an additional step. I used Photoshop to colour them in. I mostly used the paint bucket and brush tool, although I’m sure someone with more expertise (or me when I have had more practice) could use more tools for more advanced effects.

The finished comics of my boyfriend, and John Green are also on my blog, in case you want to check them out 🙂

P.S. Tell me about your ordinary superpower and I may just use it in my next comic!

This is my second Ordinary Superhero comic! The first one also features arms, if you’re interested in checking it out.

So a bit about the comic. I forget where I first read about ordinary superpowers, but I loved the idea. I think everyone should consider what their ordinary superpowers are and celebrate them. Don’t forget to be awesome, you know? For example, an ordinary superpower of giraffes’ could be loving one another so so much, and one of my ordinary superpowers could be resisting reblogging every cute cat video I see. John Green probably has a multitude of ordinary superpowers, but signing is surely one of them.

I also made a post talking a bit more about how I make these types of comics, which can be found here.

P.S. Tell me about your ordinary superpower and I may just use it in my next comic!

Here’s a sneak preview of something I’m working on.

Plan of Action, lets try this again

Part 1: Today’s Task

Okay, so here’s the deal, if I actually finish the quite simple task of studying for my philosophy exam, aside from the summary of the court case in mindscan by 10:30 then I give myself permission to start (although probably not finish) one of the projects on my craft list, which may or may not be shared with tumblr depending on the Christmas related secrecy of chosen project.

Part 2: Sleep and Exercise

If I go to sleep earlier then, or around 12:30 and get up before 9:30 I give myself permission to play wii for half an hour after breakfast. Although this may have to be adjusted due to Adam being back.

Part 3: Tomorrow’s Tasks

Before lunch, start and ideally complete another chapter of physics. Try to find a more, how do I say this, um QUICK, way of reviewing the textbook.

After lunch, start reviewing the first half of calculus before that exam sneaks up on me.

After arriving back in Waterloo, write a summary of the court preceding in mindscan and practice my amino acids (Don’t forget my flash cards ever again!)

Hopefully more than this will be completed, but even doing this amount will hopefully make me believe I will be able to adequately prepare myself for exams.

Part 4: Exam Protocol

Sleep by midnight, up by nine. My exam isn’t until 11, so review the prep I did for philosophy, eat breakfast etc. in between then and the exam. Also be prepared to go to the bank afterwards in order to get some bank related tasks out of the way. After the exam/bank I will reward myself with bubble tea. and possibly Chocolate. mmmmm.

That’s about as far ahead as I can think, but the basic outline for the rest of midterms is:

Study Calc and BioChem

Take Calc Exam

Study BioChem

Take BioChem Exam

Study Materials and PHYSICS

Take Materials Exam

Study Physics

Take Physics Exam

*Note* The spacing between exams is not even, thus the clumping of subjects

Somewhere in there I’ll have to pack and move my stuff, get a book for the plane, read a bit of the book mom got for me, but you know, that’s the gist.

This would be easier if the internet wasn’t so fun.