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Daily Art Prompt Combo: gears and feathers.

I forgot to post this one.


A bit of a hiatus

Hi Guys,

We’re going to be going on a bit of a hiatus for the time being, due to the fact that we haven’t got any art for the last 4 or so prompts. My mother is currently visiting from all the way across the country, James just started a new job, and Maya just moved, so don’t think we’ve given up on this project, it’s just been busy!

We’ll be back, hopefully in not too long!


Make Art Daily,



Wolfram Alpha, you are drunk.

Wolfram Alpha, please stay drunk because that was the best answer I’ve seen you give yet

Must have missed this one the other day!

I know this has been done before but I was running out of ideas!…anyways all caught up now!

Late prompt due to being sick the last couple days… (Space)