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MCM 2: Californication

This is one of the raunchier shows I’ve watched and I liked it enough to watch all the seasons on Netflix but not enough to watch on any further.

Despite all the crazy stuff that goes down and how many times everyone effs up their own lives and relationships I can’t help but feel that the love between the main characters is true. And despite the questionable character of the main characters, so to speak, they forgive each other over and over again. They forgive more than average, even healthy relationships can often withstand. And I don’t think it’s due to a lack of self worth or caring either, it really is motivated by love. That was probably my favourite thing about the show, seeing people misstep in idiotic, sometimes self destructive, ways and then that they loved one another enough to forgive and move forward.

Also Becca is pretty kick ass. So is Mia when she’s not being psychotic.

Strong (and weak) and complex female characters? Yes please.

MCM 1: Life Unexpected

This is one of the shows I tore through in mere days. It’s one of my favorites as far as on-a-whim Netflix shows. The last season became a bit grating but in general I liked the way everyone tried so hard, regardless of failing or struggling or messing things up. I don’t want to include any spoilers but I will just say I was very disjointed not to see a certain person who’s name starts with E in the end of the season finale.

The count of student/teacher relationships starts at 1.

Media Consumption Musings

I’ve had an unusual mix of media consumption as of late. I’ve been watching a lot of tv shows I had lukewarm feelings towards on Netflix while doing schoolwork. However, I liked some much more than others. In addition I have been doing quite a bit of reading over the holidays. So I’ve decided to write up some feelings on a bunch of these and queue them up. I’ll be tagging them with ‘Media Consumption Musings’ if you’d like to follow along.

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Paper Towns – John Green (x)

Oh my god this is so beautiful