Every time I work with Prezi I feel both overwhelmed and satisfied. It’s an odd combination. I think I do really good work with this presentation media (You can see what I’m currently working on for the Nanorobotics Group Seminar PAMELA: Exposed if you like.) When I make presentations I spend a lot of time on them to make sure everything flows smoothly, and in an interesting manner, without making people too dizzy. I really like the structure of the software. It doesn’t let you do dumb things like upload pictures of cats as a background, or have a bazillion fonts and colours. Heck, it even has premade themes that are pretty awesome. I like the new customization feature too, so you can ticker with the premade themes or make up something new. Every time I go to make a presentation there seems to be something new available, from premade chart layouts, to frames that can be used to group images and text, to bendy arrows, to cropping tools. It’s all pretty fantastic and useful. I guess I just feel like there’s so much potential to make great presentations, and so many tools to improve presentations that I wish I could use all of them, and learn how to use them all effectively. Hopefully I’ll get there by trying out one or two new ones, each presentation I make. I mean, I am now unafraid of circular frames, I’m an expert on the bracket ones too. I’ve always been fond of arrows, but I’m starting to freehand doodle. My colour pallet is getting slightly more imaginative, my layouts look prettier from the home view, and I’m mastering image manipulation (using paint, ugh) to trick prezi to display things super close up (the trick is to layer a cropped image of the area you want to zoom into over the overall image.)

So in conclusion, Prezi is pretty cool.

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