What people fail to realize is that these people, these mainstream ‘artists’ are signed to contracts that basically make them into puppets of fame. Why do you think there’s such a similar pattern in all mainstream songs or artists? Sex, going clubbing, money… colorful and dramatic music videos/clothing. It’s what sells, and of course that’s the main goal of these music businesses. Being an artist is merely being yourself because we’re all naturally unique. That’s why I feel it is so illusory for people to believe that these mainstream people are artists because they act upon what the masses want from them, rather than personally self-expressing themselves, resulting in a mass population of people who do the same thing and feel ashamed if they don’t fit up to those kinds of standards.

Some great points. I think there are some mainstream artists which are truly unique, but I think this touches on the point why I’m uninterested in a lot of mainstream music.

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