Philosophy is the best class ever

I have the most exciting project idea for tomorrow. I already talked to the teacher about it today and I think he’s a bit excited as well. Right now I want to keep it top secret, but I’ll sure to update you on how it all goes.

Anyways, today we were working on questions by ourselves, 16 of them. Everything from explaining why you do or don’t believe in god to whats more real, your chair or your perceptions of your chair. All these half formed ideas that have been floating around in my head for years seem to surface in that class. Putting them in to context and proper words helps them grow. I think I was wired to think this way, to be able to think this way, and I’m so grateful.

I love philosophy. I love ideas. I love the unexplainable. I love logic. Surprisingly, I also am a bit in love with the combination of students in this class, from the religious to the pessimistic to the palm readers. I think we all really want to be there, or at least almost all of us, and in that way we complement each other nicely. We’re unique, in fact there’s extremes in every direction, but we’re still bound together somehow.

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