Last night I drempt

That aliens were taking over the world, it started slowly but we were weak and they were powerful. But then they turned life in to a game, and you had to be good to get points, and every one of us needed a certain number of points if we wanted to stay alive. There were little counters in our pockets that had our number of points and the projected number we were capable of getting. It was sink or swim together. They tore apart our universe so we would have to rebuild it, and they put in place rules to make us build it better. We built homes together, and communities were like families, everyone had to share and contribute. Greed was overpowered by fear.

A funny detail: I often dream that I’m a different person then I am, and in the beginning of this dream I was a guy, he discovered the invasion, he had the first counter etc. But he was not really me. I was myself later on though. Not just my feelings or my personality or one part of myself combined with a mish mash of other attributes, but my very wholest self. It was then that I discovered what we had to do, that life was like a game, a game focused on being good and team work, and effort and equality.

Dreams are my favourite part of sleep, and this is the best one I’ve had in a long time. I felt so good after sleepingi a bit longer, but often it is dreams that determine my mood of a day, so I just know today is going to be productive.

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