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I skipped ahead a bit in my drawing challenge. This is day 13, a comic. I couldn’t figure out how to improve the quality of my scan, or if my scanner was already at max quality but I did my best. This is the first time I’ve tried colouring in a comic using a computer program and I’m quite proud of the result. I’d love to do more of this sort of thing, especially if I get one of those spiffy Inkling pens.

So a bit about the comic. I forget where I first read about ordinary superpowers, but I loved the idea. I think everyone should consider what their ordinary superpowers are and celebrate them. Don’t forget to be awesome, you know? For example, an ordinary superpower of giraffes’ could be loving one another so so much, and one of my ordinary superpowers could be resisting reblogging every cute cat video I see. One of Adam’s superpowers is clearly having an incredibly long reach. 🙂

P.S. Tell me about your ordinary superpower and I may just use it in my next comic!

30 Day Challenge – Day 2: Favorite Animal

His nose is a bit short, but I still think he’s pretty cute.

30 Day Challenge – Day 1: Yourself

I decided to go along with the Halloween theme and draw myself in my corpse bride costume. The photo I used as a reference is the second picture in this blog post.

Happy Halloween!