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I’m dating the coolest guy…

I learned to make gifs!

Adam likes playing with balls. And he’s good at it.

Photography Assignment 2 -Nerd/Rockstar Portraits. What do you guys think? Did I succeed in getting the point across without props or should I reshoot making it more obvious?

For the nerd portrait I was going for front on lighting, similar to a school portrait. I wanted a very open friendly vibe, and an enthusiastic expression. For the rockstar portrait I wanted to utilize dark shadows to create a moody atmosphere. In this portrait the model is disengaged with the camera, instead lost in introspection.

I know the most obvious way to get the point across would be to add glasses and a guitar, but I really wanted to use lighting to communicate the differences in these two personalities or personas. So I only employed subtle styling in the form of shirt choice and hair messiness.

However after my roommate showed me her friends rock-star portrait from a previous year employing setting, props and a more dynamic pose I’m unsure of my decision. I guess I still feel like I learned more doing it this way since it was my first time adjusting lights and trying to manipulate shadows etc. Anyways feedback would be awesome. Thanksssss.


Adam likes math. You should all tease him since his drawing is better than mine >:(

Adam: Why we aren’t allowed on the swan boats at amusement parks.

Adam’s entry for today is a shocking exposé

Adam’s entry for today is a shocking exposé