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I updated my bio

For pretty much the first time ever besides changing my age and adding a link to youtube at some point.

Isn’t change terrifying?


Pretty sure yes.

Anyways this is what you used to be able to read about me:

Here lay the thoughts, dreams, memories, drawings, poems and inspirations of a 19 year old who likes books, string theory, colourful socks and laughter

I don’t have Twitter but I have YouTubez

And here is what you can now read about me:

Here lay the thoughts, opinions, artistic and scientific endeavors, anxieties, hopes, and inspirations of a 20 year old who likes books, evolving education, design, and ‘ah-ha’ moments.

Oh, and Etsy.

Social Media


Big deal, right guys?



I was just winding down and going to bed, when I was closing facebook and saw a feminist post. I am a feminist so I clicked on it, but I wish I hadn’t. It was about abortion, and the comments on it were mostly awful, I mean, there are so many ignorant people out there, and I honestly became quite upset reading their responses. It probably doesn’t help that I was reading http://not-homophobic-but.tumblr.com/ earlier today, and was therefore a bit riled up already.

I just am really very upset with the arguments pro-lifers provide for the most part. Also the way people talk about feminism, and the way people justify using words like gay as slang.

I just can’t even deal with it, I’m so tired.

Please don’t ever talk to me about politics or feminism or human rights or abortion or any of it when I’m tired, it’s too frustrating.

I mean, how can people say, everything is equal now, how can they convince themselves that is true?

fASDKFASKDLFSKDFSDKF I need sleep, goodnight.

Please read the following on the difference between being a fetus and being a human being. If even one of you reads it I might feel a little better. I mean, what can be done besides one person at a time learning and gradually understanding.