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Blog Questionair (via Dana)

  1. What were you doing at 08 this morning? Sleeping because I went to sleep at 3 am due to coming home late from my first 19+ concert in Toronto
  2. What did were you doing for last 15 minutes? Skyping with my boyfriend who is sadly far away
  3. The last thing you said aloud? I’ll go do my PD and let you talk to your parents cause I just sort of was like oooh ipad and stole this from them
  4. The last thing you said to yourself: What am I doing?
  5. What have you been drinking today? Cranberry Juice
  6. What was the last thing you ate? Chocolate
  7. What was the last thing you bought? Pad Thai while having dinner last night with Sean, Stephane and Will
  8. What is the colour on your front door? I don’t even remember, I just moved, the room I’m in now has a white door.
  9. What is the weather with you now? Sunny but cold
  10. Favourite ice cream? Cheesecake ice cream with raspberries mixed in
  11. Do you believe in love at first sight? I believe love takes us by surprise
  12. Do you sleep heavily? Yes
  13. Do you dream bad dreams? Strange, guilty, foreboding dreams
  14. Do you enjoy your job? Yes, I am struggling with the coding though
  15. Favorite Clothing? The cashmere cardigan my Grandma got me for Christmas because it’s both work appropriate, and makes me feel like I’m a bunny
  16. Favourite song right now? You! Me! Dancing! by Los Campesinos! because of last night and the intensity and being pressed together and feeling whole
  17. What do you see if you look to the right? A framed Ottawa River Whitewater poster/map on a blue wall
  18. What makes you happy right now? I’m doing better than last term, I’m learning to cope with my own thoughts
  19. What should you do next? PD (that’s Professional Development to those of you who aren’t UW Engineering Students)
  20. Right or left-handed? Right
  21. Mood right now? Nostalgic and intensely full of experience
  22. Favorite Candy? Jellybeans
  23. Clothing right now? My pink Garden Party (Life is Good) t-shirt and newish jeans
  24. How many pillows do you sleep with? One
  25. Morning or night person? Night, I feel better if I get into a morning groove though
  26. What is most important to you? In my life right now – Serenity, In my life overall – Love
  27. Are you ticklish? Usually
  28. Do you snore? No, but I am very talkative
  29. Zodiac? Virgo
  30. Worst insect? I could do with less of the bitey kinds, but I wouldn’t want to deprive the bats of dinner!
  31. Messy or tidy? Messy until I hit the tipping point of manic organization
  32. What you crave most right now? A peaceful mind
  33. What are some things that made ​​you happy yesterday: Feeling connected and alive and important in a boring way at a Los Campesinos! concert in downtown Toronto with new and old friends. The heat and energy of the crowd, the intensity of the performance, the release of movement, the bittersweet joy of the music.

Minute Physics – Shrodinger’s Cat

Seriously folks, check out this guys videos, his drawings are funny and he explains and clarifies common misunderstandings in a really great way. As I learn more science, it’s becoming more clear to me that there aren’t simple answers to many things, in fact, there aren’t really many answers, just the best models we can currently come up with. Sure, some of them are pretty steadfast, but science and understanding is always evolving at a startling rate. It’s quite exciting really.