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FCP made the following statement on commercialisation:

If we were to acknowledge that sexuality is personal and unique, it would become unweildly. Making sexiness into something simple and quantifiable makes it easier to explain and to market. If you remove the human factor from sex and make it about stuff – big fake boobs, bleached blonde hair, long nails, poles, thongs – then you can sell it. Suddenly, sex requires shopping; you need plastic surgery, peroxide, a manicure, a mall. What is really out of commericial control is that you still can’t bottle attraction.

“you still can’t bottle attraction.”

Strange as it seems I think I forget this sometimes. There is really no ideal to strive for or look for. People just make you feel a certain way, and it’s rarely, if ever, because of how they look or what they have. It tends to go beyond their talents and skills, even past beliefs and the similarities and differences between you and them, although surely these all contribute. I think this is the main reason people believe in something beyond science: the indescribable complexities of human interaction and emotion.