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I took a bunch of photos today on my walk with Maya and James and Grandma and it was beautiful and sunny out and everything and everyone was pretty but I am using the internet from my phone so I will upload the rest later. I picked this one to upload partly cause Maya is so pretty and charming and photogenic so I have a ton of good ones of her and partly because I was using it to show Grandpa a bunch of stuff you can do with raw photos. I edited a few while showing him stuff but the other ones mostly had stuff wrong with them (white balance, overexposed etc) while this one was already one of my best shots and it was more like just turning the volume up versus actually changing the mood significantly or correcting stuff. I am excited to do more photography due to my photography class this term as well.

Anyways, it was a great day.

Only a few hours left to get this beautiful poster in support of Project for Awesome.

I mean for godsake this is only the poster and I’m almost tearing up.

Get it and other awesome stuff here: http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/project-for-awesome—2


karlie kloss at masaya volcano national park by ryan mcginley for t, the new york times style magazine.

“it’s about 4 o’clock on a thursday, and a caftan-bedecked karlie kloss is perched on the edge of a gigantic, fuming volcano crater, her bare legs and feet dangling into the hazy void.
‘make it look more adventurous,’ calls out ryan mcginley, the photographer snapping her from an equally precarious spot on a nearby outcropping of rock.
‘it’s pretty damn adventurous,’ kloss yells back.”


The St Mary’s bluffs were lit up today pre-storm (at St. Eugene Golf Resort & Casino)


Small world moment. I went to school with this girl.

Also click through to the photographer’s flickr, their photos are just stunning.


The most compelling thing about this child singing Nina Simone in an X-Factor audition is Britney Spears’ reaction to it.

I have a soft spot for adult Britney because she so clearly does not want to be doing what she’s doing and she has pathos in her eyes always and her human bonsai tree narrative is really tragic in a way that Marilyn Monroe’s never could be because she’s gonna live. She’s gonna age and she’s gonna putter through these weird gigs and she’s gonna collect these sad checks and finance her family for a couple of decades before she peters out long enough to do some comeback work in her middle age — and that’s a strange place to be. Mapped. Diagrammed.

The tenderness in her voice when she sees a little girl walk on the stage is really touching. How quickly she cries is really touching. There’s an adult woman with bipolar disorder inside of that dress and her father has control over her finances and she is looking at a talented child on a stage and seeing herself, kind of. What if she’d just stayed in Louisiana and been a young mom there? What if this girl just stayed in New Jersey and kept doing her homework? Became a doctor. Britney’s vote is going to help shape that and there’s transference and there’s joy at hearing a talented person do their talent, but yeesh. Her emotive eyeballs.

If that’s not compelling, I don’t know what is.

Also her name is spelled phonetically and I think that’s endearing. Britney. Not Brittany. Britney.

I like the way the photo cut out in this one turned out.

Los Campesinos! and Memories

The weekend before last I went to a Los Campesinos! concert at Lee’s Palace. I went with three guys, a friend of two of his friends. We went out to eat first, they all seemed like pretty cool guys. A bunch of engineers and a dancer (I am an engineer, I mean, I wish I had that type of coordination.)

The concert was a beautiful thing.

Performances always make me feel so vividly, I was overwhelmed with emotion before it even really started. I felt really close to the people I went with, despite having no right to. It made me feel vulnerable in a way that almost matched the music. But that was just the beginning.

I say that I feel deeply, and I am being honest. There is something so exhilarating about live music, about the voice of the crowd, the surrealism of being there in a room with the people who created something you love, who wrote songs that spoke to you.

As an extrovert, something about crowds of people crushed against one another singing and cheering and moving is incredibly exhilarating. Especially when I’m separated from so many of the people I love right now.

I mean, there’s a reason I got my first kiss at a concert.

Another reason I’m really glad I went with the guys I went with is that they were as excited as I was. Probably more excited even in some cases. We got there early, we were at the very front, we danced and jumped and became a jumble of thrashing limbs riding on the wave of the music.

Someone actually tried to crowd surf. One word, FAIL.

I didn’t really anticipate how strongly the music would bring me back to my first semester of university, falling in love, gaining independence, exploring a new city. It reminded me of anarchist books about traveling Europe penniless, and shy phone calls, poetry slams and running through the grass in the middle of the night, gleeful laughter and painful confusing and delicious hesitation.

I kind of just wanted to be held. And the crowd held me, so to speak.

The next few days I felt myself longing for the connection, I felt a loss for something that was fleeting despite its strength.

I got a ride home that night, and my three friends went off together, I know that they were just sleeping on the floor in a house too full of people, but it felt strange to leave them after sharing the best concert of my life. We hugged hard on parting.

The thing about good things is that they don’t feel quite real afterwards. The moments were so intense that they feel imagined. Drunk of the energy of the crowd our words perhaps were not as sincere as they felt when spoken. I hope not, but wondering makes me long for the connection I felt in an achy sort of way.

It was a wonderful time. I’m grateful I was invited to something so special, irregardless of the past or future.

I didn’t want to miss any of the experience by pulling my phone out and taking photos (it was sort of hard to get at lodged in my sock/shoe) but I found these videos of the actual concert I was at. Something I love about the internet.