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Today is the last day of my sale on these mother’s day cards in my etsy shop! Get them for only $4 each!

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Hey Guys! I put up a bunch of new cards up in my etsy shop, plus I now have card sets available.

Check the new stuff out here: http://www.etsy.com/shop/CoolStuffIWant?section_id=12963025

I just added a ton of new cards to my etsy today! Check em out!


I made an overly attached girlfriend valentines card! Click the image to see the etsy listing and more pics!

Or just check out my shop 🙂

Hey guys I’ve been working on this so hard that somehow there is basketball on the tv in the background. I literally have no idea how that happened.

Basically I didn’t do any of the things I planned on doing but I drew multiple grumpy cats so I still win, yes? yes. Day well spent.

Anyways, this card was Adam’s idea and I think it is very cute so you should check out more pics at my etsy!

Also my other internety valentines!


Omg omg omfg
And I could get to meet you for reals in a few weeks Whaaa?


I love both sending and receiving letters. Mailing these off today!

This is one corner of a mixed media (stamps/triplus fineliners and gel-liners/pencil crayons) card I made.

Happy Valentines/Single Awareness/Nerdfighter Like Day!

Happy Valentines Day Guys!