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schrödinger’s cat is ADLEIAVDE.

(sent to me by @amaiacrespo. if you know the original designer, tell me so I can credit them).


It’s Free Tee Friday, you cool cats!

Atomic Kitties by Pim Tanachwanan is the winning design from our Super Cats design challenge, and it’s Pim’s first printed design! 

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Yay kitties!

Hey guys, sorry this is late I was away at a conference all weekend and now I’m a bit sick.



Prompt: Cats. About a year ago I did a little comic based on one of my two cats. I have been meaning to do one for my other cat, but never got around to it. I decided the prompt was telling me it was time, so here it is!


Chinese blogger toshiya86 created a series of animations, consisting of the faces of his cat Goagoa, peeping out of the cardboard figures. So toshiya86 started drawing anime figures on cardboard and cutting out a hole where the head should be. The results were magical.

Omg so adorable


“I’ve got to admit it’s getting better.  It’s a little better all the time.”

Pencil crayon self portraits 6 months apart (October vs today).

I guess maybe I am getting better.

Not only to I love today’s drawing, but this makes me so happy <3

Also I dig the blue hair.





how do you cat?

you dont

cats dont logic

Cats aren’t bound by the laws of nature.

Never apply logic to cats.

Rebloging for maya