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I updated my bio

For pretty much the first time ever besides changing my age and adding a link to youtube at some point.

Isn’t change terrifying?


Pretty sure yes.

Anyways this is what you used to be able to read about me:

Here lay the thoughts, dreams, memories, drawings, poems and inspirations of a 19 year old who likes books, string theory, colourful socks and laughter

I don’t have Twitter but I have YouTubez

And here is what you can now read about me:

Here lay the thoughts, opinions, artistic and scientific endeavors, anxieties, hopes, and inspirations of a 20 year old who likes books, evolving education, design, and ‘ah-ha’ moments.

Oh, and Etsy.

Social Media


Big deal, right guys?


Facebook Photos

It is very strange to look at pictures of people you saw nearly every day, or at least every week day, of your life for 12 or more years and have there features become somewhat unfamiliar to you. No longer tied so tightly to a personality, but appearance that is less biased to past feelings and shared experience, good or bad. Seeing how those we grew up with could be considered handsome or pretty if they were just pictures instead of children you grew and fought and played and learned with.

It’s a strange thing, memories.

Sometimes I feel like I can’t change anything

and I become frustrated with the systems and all their imperfections and the people who know one speaks for, and the complexity and compassion and time required to positively change things and how tired people get how people don’t always get the help they need and how we don’t empathize as much as we could and I just sort of get freaked out and then I remember that there are a whole group of passionate young visionaries who want to do good things for this world and all her people and then I can breath again.

Talking with the roommates can get intense.

New vs. Old Profile pics.

Does this reflect that the main differences in my life are:

  1. My blue has partially grown out;
  2. I actually drew my part incorrectly this time (as I would see it in a mirror, oops)
  3. I now believe in giraffe love; and last but certainly not least,
  4. I now have Arizonas?

I do, however, miss whiteboards.

That last quote from Jack Layton’s letter is everywhere, as it should be.



“My friends, love is better than anger. Hope is better than fear. Optimism is better than despair. So let us be loving, hopeful and optimistic. And we’ll change the world.”

Really nice final words to our country from someone who really loved it.

Hopefully everyone’s listening.

Truly, truly, truly.


I keep thinking about the way you crashed into my life like a spring electricity storm, and how things will probably never be quite the same. How you twisted around the midnight hours and caught me in your teeth like a loose string. You broke me open and changed me. Left this wide open space where I could keep your memory, and some days I am still trying to figure out if I am a part of your outskirts or your inseams. You’re my favorite inside joke. A rogue wave in my sea. I caught a glimpse of you in coffee grounds at the base of the rose bushes, and every perfect moment where I could tell you things is ruined by half-shaken silence.




12 big ideas in Science – Interactive Presentation of stuff like Extra dimensions, polar caps melting, Robotic Self-awareness, cloning, extra-terrestrials, fusion energy, etc.


Super Interesting