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My favourite pictures from Christmas 2012

I am do excited about my new pens I made a little color chart =3

I was going to wrote a post about all the things I want to do this term that I haven’t started doing yet but then I realized that writing about what I am going to do and write about is still too much time for tonight so I just played games on google plus and watched youtube videos with my roommates and now I’m going to bed.

To make up for just telling you about what I’m going to do instead of doing anything here’s a pictures from the page a day calendar I made my boyfriend for Christmas. Love you Adam.


Fun Things to Look Forward to!


  • Feeling of Accomplishment (studying wise) (hopefully)
  • Bubble Tea!
  • Perhaps Pizza?

Through Exam Period

  • Sushi with friends I haven’t seen in a while (ALL YOU CAN EAT FUN)
  • Maybe Glee and pink lemonade with dinner after Biochem
  • Eating a lot of chocolate, and feeling justified in doing so
  • Lori is going to paint my finger nails like CANDY CANES, how great is that?
  • Making use of some of those pi bucks AT LEAST getting a new book for the plane home

Winter Break

  • Presents! Giving, Getting, Making
  • Secret Craft Projects (for _ _ _ _ and _ _ _ _ _ )
  • Seeing the Fam
  • Cousin!
  • And Bethany!
  • And Cranbrookians! (Grossmans, Jane + friends , Jordo and Dana, whoever else is around)
  • And James + Fam
  • Magic with James and Stephane and Johanna (and Annie and Clyde?)
  • Finally get to play Mad Scientist University again
  • perhaps enamelling?
  • Games night with Juanita 🙂
  • Some relaxation
  • Getting the Tree with Daddy!
  • Nail polish fun

Next term

  • Creative Projects from my creative project list (including but not limited to photo organization and uploads, quote thing, more ordinary superhero comics, random article topics I’ve been saving up, and printing some photos)
  • Girls night with Katie + Sora + Anita + Casey
  • I’ll live next door to Sora and Anita and Casey!
  • More time to visit Renison 🙂
  • Magic with Kelvin, possibly tourny, possibly convince Sean to play
  • Plan to see other friends: Haddie, Max, Ann, Jeff, Laura etc.
  • Rockclimbing in Toronto
  • Go visit JAMES FLYNN!
  • Should probably make some plans with other on campus shads as well 😉
  • Badminton with anyone who’s up for it
  • NRG Marketing <3
  • WIN Marketing <3
  • Lots of Marketing <3
  • Prezi tutorial for froshlings
  • Probably will get to go to WIN seminars as a perk of my job at WIN =D
  • More regular skype calls with Bethany/James/Jane
  • Get cooking and chemistry going again (my attempt to encourage myself to cook by documenting it)
  • More nerdfighterly things
  • Get better at InDesign and Photoshop
  • Perhaps write some letters, or poetry, or maybe the articles for tumblr are enough.
  • More stamp making
  • I will live in an actual house 😀

Okay, now that I am overwhelmed by the amount of fun things I will be trying to fit in the next while I will be off to my studying.

A dragon I drew on my friend’s Christmas card

Quick Update

So, it’s exam week.

Well – that sucks. On the upside going home in less than a week and I even have a ride to the airport.

I think I pulled off over 80% on my math final. hoping, hoping, hoping that I did because it was a fair bit harder than I expected and the application questions were tricky, especially seeing that there weren’t really any of thosa on our assignments. Enough whining, time to focus on the last two Linear Algebra and Chemistry.

Yesterday after my exam Adam and Sean came over and we played Set. Keith showed up as well, of course. So the four of us played. The thing about set is that it takes a fair bit of practice to get good, but then you’re, well, set. So me and Sean who both used to play all the time CRUSHED the newbies. I won, bwahaha. Then we all chilled in Sora and Katie’s room for a while with Jeff, Dylan, Kevin and Kyle. At least until power hour was over and our don broke up the party.

My room is a mess of papers and I need to do laundry, make a Christmas card, pack, send said Christmas card, and ace, or at least do well on my two remaining exams in the next three days.

Oh, and I got a postcard from James Flynn today! Wheeee!

AND, Sean somehow stumbled on the perfect Christmas present for me, so despite math the last few days have been pretty happy. (Also heard Jason play the piano again – oh sweet summer shad memories).

Mmm, and donuts.

Okay, studytime, wish me luck tumblverse.

Today it snowed and I thought – ugh, cold and wet. And Thursday was tricky. But then I thought about the Christmas tree outside of Saint Paul’s, and eating dinner all together, with oranges after. Eating Christmas canes at two events in the same day and the girls listening to Christmas music and decorating our hall on a Friday night. So, when I finally went outside today and smelled the clean smell of snow, and my boyfriend pointed out the snowman he made, I thought, what’s the point of resisting this. Snow can be nice, Christmas is coming, and there’s no way to stop time.

Merry Christmas From Euphoria.