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Lombard Street. San Francisco, CA. February 17, 2014.

My Scrambled cityscape for Photography Assignment 3: Photo Montage. I wished I had been able to capture everything in the smaller photo size but I ended up using some of my emergency bigger photos, especially for the sky. I at first wanted to do graffiti but my friend had already done that so well and I didn’t want to be a copy cat. I still took photos for four different locations (entranceway to a fancy library, graffiti, chinese dragon thing)but this was the one I really wanted to do since I thought the cut off parts of peoplcould be quite neat.

I actually couldn’t use the photomerge tool in photoshop because I had too many images so I did this by hand in indesign (which is why it took so freaking long) I managed to get my chinese dragon one to work in photoshop because it had by far the fewest images, but I couldn’t even get my graffiti one to work since my computer literally didn’t have enough memory to do the matching. Anyways got a bit more to do tonight, but I hope you like my picture.

Also, not sure how many images I used, but scientifically speaking I’d say a buttload.

Anyways. I think it turned out kind of cool.