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New Years Resolutions (It’s going to be a busy year)

1. Learn to live life procrastination free.

2. Write more letters.

3. Make time for art.

4. Remember to speak kindly.

5. Don’t put off learning.

6. Schedule time to be more productive.

7. Do as much as possible.

8. Learn limits (do not struggle to do more than possible)

9. Write poetry.

10. Continue to work towards organization.

11. Say the things I need to say, regardless of how silly I might think they’ll sound.

12. Learn to juggle and spin poi.

13. Work towards balance in every way.

14. Journal more.

15. Draw some cool (aka Elkamel inspired) SheNANOgans logos.

16. Attend at least one lecture at the Perimeter Institute (PI).

17. Go on night time adventurres.

18. Listen to music, and share the good songs.

19. Just do it.

20. Nurture friendships without getting stretched too thin emotionally too often.

21. Make sacrifices for things that matter.

22. Use time well.

23. Get enough sleep.

24. Remember to order late dinners ahead of time, as needed.

25.  Play badminton at least once per semester (might as well after going through the hassle of transporting my badminton racket to Ontario)