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Last day to vote for my Simpsons design!

Guys! Guys?!

My new design Open Wide is up for scoring!

There’s only a few days to vote cause it was submitted kind of late, but I would really appreciate if if you checked it out 🙂

Hello lovely followers, I currently have three designs up for scoring, and tonight is hedgie’s last day!

I would love if you would consider scoring them! You can also enter to win them if they get printed, and comments/feedback are always appreciated.

You can score all of them here 🙂


The Student Life Network is giving away the best prize pack in Canadian student history.  It starts with $20k for school and five Dell XPS Ultrabooks to share with friends. 

Register to win at: http://luckie.st/Pokwls  Canadian students 13+ only.

Worth a shot..

Canadian friends let me know if you’re doing this and I may add you to my friends things for special prizes