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Although recipe’s aren’t included with the various dishes, our cooking process is very simple. Basically we stir fry everything on medium heat. If it’s meat, we flip it over when it looks half cooked and add the other vegetables. Vegetables are cut in to bite sized pieces and put in hardest to softest (onion, carrots, mushrooms, garlic, broccoli stalk, pepper, broccoli etc.) The only exceptions to this cooking meal (that I can think of) follow:

  • Pizza, cooked in the oven for 20 minutes and then turned to broil for a few minutes to make the cheese bubbly
  • Nachos and other cheesy things were also cooked in the oven for a very brief amount of time
  • Pasta was boiled and strained. Other stuff was stir fried to go with. Sauce was heated at medium heat in a pot and then everything was combined.

Who likes food?

I have a new blog project if anyone is interested (also if no one is interested, your interest level doesn’t actually influence whether or not the blog exists). Basically it’s a blog dedicated to cooking while in school (I’m counting co-op as a part of school). So, back to the if you’re interested part, you can find it at Cooking and Chemistry. Enjoy! … I mean, Bon Appetit!