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I went to engineering semi last weekend.

I danced a lot, had some interesting conversations, and saw some 4-stream friends.

I forgot the bus scheduled and ended up ruining the cutest curly hair I have probably ever done by myself, due to walking all the way to school in the wind.

This is by the end of the night when my blue makeup is all smudged and my nails are marked up, but hey, you probably didn’t even notice till I pointed it out.

Anyways, I think a certain boy wanted to see these 😉

P.S. Dance music is mostly hilariously awful, and some of it isn’t even easy to dance to! I mean there was a waltz of all things!? I would have rathered Los Camposinos!, though dramatic renditions of Don’t Stop Believing were fun.

P.S.S. I did the brightening the inside corner of the eyes thing that missglamorazzi does, I think it looks pretty 🙂

So, this is a thing that happened. I danced around with this guy’s wand for a good 15 minutes repeatedly tapping people on the head with it and waving it back and forth magically while I admired his crown and its floatyness.

Valentines Dance!

Theme (which I blatantly ignored): Tight and Bright

I am wearing heals and yet I still look short (boy must be tall or something)

Love Renison

Semi-Formal on Friday was super fun. Though it boggles me that girls some how still managed to outnumber boys at an ENGINEERING dance. Seriously, mind blown, right? It was nice to run in to Penelope (and be outshone because of her rad swing-dancing skills) and we even got a picture with the tool!