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From Debbie Sterling’s TEDxPSU talk, “Inspiring the next generation of female engineers.” Sterling is the creator of GoldieBlox, a set of toys featuring Goldie, a female engineer who guides girls to develop problem-solving skills and build projects, introducing girls to the world of engineering through a tech-savvy female role model.

Watch Sterling’s entire talk below, and learn more about GoldieBlox at its website.

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Can nanotechnology be used in civil engineering?

@Eng_93b: @KnowNano hi, can we use nanotechnology in civil engineering? .. I mean construction engineering ?

It may seem strange to think something as small as nanotechnology could be a part of something as relatively big as civil engineering but there is actually a huge overlap. And the biggest area for overlap is materials science.

As one article puts it (http://www.aggregateresearch.com/article.aspx?ID=6279&archive=1):

“Nanotechnology’s miniature answers to developing world’s biggest problems Construction: including nano-molecular structures to make asphalt and concrete more resistant to water; materials to block ultraviolet and infrared radiation; materials for cheaper and durable housing, surfaces, coatings, glues, concrete, and heat and light exclusion; and self-cleaning for windows, mirrors and toilets…”

And the intersections between civil engineering and nanotechnology aren’t limited to that. People are coming up with all sorts of new ideas to utilize nanotechnology in every field all the time.

Thinking about trying this. Not on a day to day basis, but you know, adapted to an engineering student’s schedual

“If you want to be a better programmer, take up the violin.”

This is a really interesting article about the differences between how engineering, science and math are taught in the US and how professionals in those disciplines actually work. (Please click on the photo to be redirected to the article)