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If you were here a month ago (it’s actually been exactly a month I’ll pretend that this was planned xD also, thanks for sticking around!) You will remember that I had an unfinished drawing for the Favourite prompt of my then-favourite of my characters, Finley, the Sailfish Mermaid.

I have now finished the design and I thought I would share it with you all. It’s lower resolution than the original and doing that did some weird things to some of it but you get the picture.

I still have the feeling that this is unfinished, a feeling that I’m sure many artists can relate to, but I’m going to have to consider it completed I think.

Lazy Daily Art Prompt Combo: favorites/castle

Look at that selective focus and skillful subtle edit. So tasteful and beautiful. It evokes a quiet passion within the viewer, and inspiration to strive for beauty and elegance in their daily lives. It stirs up emotions and memories from childhood while reminding them of who they really are inside. Something so simple yet moving is hard to achieve.

30 Day Challenge – Day 2: Favorite Animal

His nose is a bit short, but I still think he’s pretty cute.