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If you were here a month ago (it’s actually been exactly a month I’ll pretend that this was planned xD also, thanks for sticking around!) You will remember that I had an unfinished drawing for the Favourite prompt of my then-favourite of my characters, Finley, the Sailfish Mermaid.

I have now finished the design and I thought I would share it with you all. It’s lower resolution than the original and doing that did some weird things to some of it but you get the picture.

I still have the feeling that this is unfinished, a feeling that I’m sure many artists can relate to, but I’m going to have to consider it completed I think.

I’m still busy and we aren’t coming out of hiatus just yet but I had some time and I needed to work off some stress so I did a 4x combo of some of the prompts I’m behind on. Space, Apple, Roads, and Gears.

I don’t know what you guys think but I’m actually quick happy with how this turned out!

This took a suprisingly short amount of time and he ended up rather neat

So apparently Castle day wasn’t a great day for us.
I’m uploading this rather weak attempt two hours late and no one else has posted. I think we’ve all been having a bit of a stressful period lately for a variety of reasons. Hope everyone is ok 🙂
– James

Very much unfinished work here

I was tentative as to whether I wanted to upload this.

Some of you may not know but for the past few years I have been in the process of trying to start up a webcomic, with characters based off of friends. Now, I probably shouldn’t have favourite characters considering they are all based off of my friends, but I’m always a bit enamored with new characters that manage to get into my head. This is the beginning of my design for my newest character, “Finley”, who is a Sailfish-tailed mermaid. Again this is very unfinished, but I’m really happy with how the tail came out.