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Hey Nerdfighters!

A while ago I made some DFTBA and nerdfighter gang sign stamps stamps, and some people requested them (I am sorry I forget who you are).

They are now for sale in my new etsy shop, in the Stamps – Nerdfighteria section!

Check them out here!

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Felt art and clothing by Sarah-Maria, in the Australian rainforest at Mullumbimby.

“I love making these clothes and am very passionate about it, I hope people can enjoy them as much as I enjoy making them. It’s so much fun :)”

Reminds me of home.


This is nothing to brag about – in fact it should be mortifying but I finally got all the Christmas.Birthday presents organized, wrapped and packed up. I love gift making and sending so much that I seem to create a whole lot of pressure for myself and thusly a major block for getting gifts out remotely on time. It is horrible… and then I end up feeling dreadful about it and it takes some of the joy out of it. For the little people in my life I got the most awesome presents, a toque that has robots on it (!!) and a bear that matched the dress she wore to our wedding – a matching bear (!!) it was totally awesome… but it would have been far more awesome if the Christmas gifts had been there on time. Just another thing I can beat myself over… it is a very high priority for me and not something that is important to the husband thus it doesn’t get prioritized when I am doing the sick… and so it is shuffled to the back of the line and I feel horrible about it and get sick and the cycle continues. I need to unpack why I allow this to happen and what I can do to break the guilty cycle around “on time” present giving… if anyone has any insight I am all over that… because as of right now I am feeling guilt about getting it all done – I mean the presents are handmade, beautifully wrapped, from the heart and only 6 weeks late … I need to fucking lighten up…

Did I also mention that I am grappling with my mental health lately? Anxiety is through the fucking roof…

Personally I love getting gifts late.

I mean, it’s like the holidays are over and things are getting all normal again and then…

Present! Surprise!