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Hey Nerdfighters!

A while ago I made some DFTBA and nerdfighter gang sign stamps stamps, and some people requested them (I am sorry I forget who you are).

They are now for sale in my new etsy shop, in the Stamps – Nerdfighteria section!

Check them out here!

Of course, this is what it looked like before I started editing out the space cats.

Edge or No Edge?

I started making this picture for Kristina Horner’s things found in space that don’t belong in space contest, but stars take a lot longer to draw than I anticipated. I saw some other people made No Edge jokes, but despite that and the contest being over I still, of course, finished my drawing.

I used black paper and drew an outline in white pencil crayon. The bottom and grid of space are also both done in white pencil crayon. I used slight amounts of other pencil crayon colors to give a bit of a textured look. The majority of the stars were drawn with a silver gel pen, but I also used a variety of colors of triplus gel-liners and metallic markers. The largest silver bits were made with a paint pen.

Anyways, Enjoy!

EDIT: Oh no! I missed a space cat!