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The Fault in Our Stars by *Loorae  

Are you going to age with grace?
Are you going to age without me?
When oh – oblivion is calling out my name. 

A TFIOS fanart in dedication of an amazingly impressive story. 

This may be my favourite hazel drawing of them all

I made this stamp set inspired by Hazel Grace Lancaster and Augustus Waters. I think they turned out really cute, especially as a print or as little speech bubbles.

It’s now for sale on Etsy if you want to check it out.

This Valentines card was inspired by Alanna and the Valentine she made.

I really loved the idea and wanted to try designing a valentine around the same idea. It’s also my first project using illustrator, so I’m doubly excited about it.

I know it’s sort of late, but feel free to print this out and share the tfios love around.

For anyone who is confused by this, check out John Green’s newest book The Fault In Our Stars from your library, or anywhere books are sold.

EDIT: These are now also for sale on my Etsy! Check it out here!