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Whenever I see this GIFset on my dash, I know it’s a bad day. But I’m glad to remind myself that I feel this way on days like today.

It helped me yesterday Hank. Thank you.

Doesn’t this just sum up life…


Written by Kamilah Carter

At the core of my identity is a strong belief in humanity.
Despite the disaster and deceit seen on the tv,
The damage, the pain, and all that is broken,
I can’t help but perceive a beautiful complexity
In the fragile threads of our tangled lives.

But sometimes I have a hard time believing in human beings.
Individuals have broken my trust what feels like a thousand times,
And now I am among the walled in,
The hiding, the hidden, the wounded,
Those who are still relearning how to ask for what they need.
We are all reduced to this tragic state of infancy.
From which growth is hard earned, earnest effort:

I know that I am full of contradictions,
But please don’t mistake them for hypocrisy,
For my most valued lesson is this.
There are no rules, no paths, no adequate metaphors for life.
We make what we make of it, and that rarely makes sense
And though this may confuse the human mind,
It causes the human heart to flourish,
For logic is as likely to be meaningless,
As a serendipitous connection will be deep, despite the overwhelming statistics
That insist it won’t be.

And although I plan my life according to the rules I’ve declared mirages,
I do not live according to plans alone
I live with intensity,
Intense fear, hope, love,
And from this stems my vulnerability.
For it is easy to do things the easy way,
But what is the point of apathy anyways,
There is nothing there to gain.

So breathe deeply and contemplate,
Forget time and live at a pace that is both exhilarating and terrifying
And then slow down to take in the scenery,
For the landscape we’ve created is both treacherous and grand
And whether you think that that is beauty or tragedy, it is striking.
Live not for happiness alone, but for meaning, for discovery
For the camaraderie of sharing 99.9 percent of dna with strangers.
Walk not an easy way, but where you want others to follow,
And walk softly.
But don’t be afraid to break things either, for that’s the key to progress.
This is my philosophy.

Look what I found in my Drafts folder!

I think there comes a realization in most peoples lives that it isn’t really all that hard to find someone. However even someone fantastically ideal who tells you all the thing you want to hear, isn’t necessarily the one. Often isn’t, even. In fact, that person can be a fantastic friend who has many admirable qualities and yet all of this won’t cause a relationship to form. As Erica Strange put it “friendship is a strange mix of alchemy and circumstance” but I think relationships are even more so. We seem to often fall for people who differ greatly from our idealistic imaginings. People who won’t tell us what we want to hear, who make things more complicated, hard even. Yet, if you feel it, none of that matters. As my friend said yesterday, even the flaws of someone dear to you are spoken of fondly, and seem to dissolve, disintegrate if they are clutched. It is hard for some of us to criticize those we care about. Yet this is my view, and if I’ve learned one important thing from my encounters with love it is this. Humans are both extremely different and extremely similar. While we all tend to yearn for the same things, we express ourselves in a million ways, we communicate in a million ways, our reasons, associations and goals differ greatly. This is the beauty of humanity, the constant battle and balance of diversity and sameness. The oxymoron that is ever being on our planet who both individually and part of a whole make something extremely simple and infinately complex. Ah, love and life.

What Grease and Romeo and Juliet have made me realize

What makes humanity beautiful is rarely the depth of our thoughts, or our brilliant moments. What makes us beautiful is our clumsiness, our failures paired with an insistence that we couldn’t have failed because it’s not over yet. Our tendencies to blow things out of proportion, to believe in fate, love, purpose, god… Our beauty comes as much from our mistakes as our triumphs. Beauty comes from our passion demonstrated through lofty expression, dramatic sacrifices, quick judgments, and naive hopefulness that our luck will change, our feelings will be returned, life will be different even as we are bombarded with signs that we are wrong. Humanity is beautiful because we feel, and we value that above all else, because we try, and fail, and turn our failures into lessons, unexpected gifts and triumphs. Humanity’s most valuable and crucial quality is imperfection, it’s what makes us real.

We cling to music, to poems, to quotes, to writing, to art because we desperately do not want to be alone. We want to know we aren’t going crazy & someone else out there knows exactly how you’re feeling. We want someone to explain the things we can’t.

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and phrase the things we don’t know how to say