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Is my user name on Pottermore!

Does everyone have numbers?

I picked this one out of the options because of Hazel from TFIOS. Although I do like the sound of it as well.

Last time I tried to sign up the beta was still somewhat closed i guess. This looks much cooler than the Hunger Games game and websites which I signed up for and then promptly gave up on since things weren’t working write and the fb game seemed like the worst parts of online gaming (limited energy meters for exploration based games are literally the worst, they still suck on puzzle games, but much much less)

Woo, tangent, anyways, anyone have Pottermore related info that they want to share with me?


#In a terrifying world where Hollywood is populated by men and women who aren’t real #Comes the heartwarming story of one actress who wasn’t afraid to look like an actual human being #This spring #Prepare to fall in love with #Jennifer Lawrence #in #~SHIT THERE’S A NORMAL PERSON IN HOLLYWOOD~ #Coming to cinemas near you

If by “look like a normal human being” you mean “look like an extremely beautiful normal human being” I will agree with you.

I’m pretty good about hanging at the edges of fandoms and having all the feels while not letting it poor out like crazy. But with hunger games I have been reading all the reviews I can find and looking at all the gifs, and watching fan made clips, and harassing friends who haven’t read the books and I JUST CAN’T RESIST. I get so excited about stuff all the time that I feel fangirling about all of it would drive everyone crazy. but I just love books and movies and good actors and music and there are so many things to squee about like social movements and media and creative tools and funny comics and math jokes and maybe that would be a better focus than the crazy need to argue with people about social issues which has been a large amount of time on the internet. I mean, I am probably just upsetting myself more than I am teaching anyone or changing their mind, so maybe getting really excited about pop culture is healthier. Pop culture is sort of always laughed at for being goofy and excessive and vain, but it still is really important and has a huge impact on peoples lives in good and bad ways and you know, there are great stories out there, that mirror reality, but also just stand on their own. Gah, I am rambling like crazy but maybe someone understands. I LOVE THE HUNGER GAMES IN WORDS THAT I DON’T KNOW AND RAMBLES AND LASDKFASDKFSKDF ALL THE FEELS.

I made this mockingjay stamp yesterday because

a. the mockingjay pin is a great design

b. I am so psyched for the hunger games movies to come out

and c. I love making stamps




This is officially my favorite gif of all the gifs I have ever seen.

I am SO psyched for Hunger Games!

P.S. I used to never text/instant message people that I was psyched for things even though it’s my favorite synonym for excited, because I was afraid I would misspell it. How I love my sweet, sweet spellchecker

Anyways, SO psyched!!