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This is incomplete as I tried to paint it and found myself at an impasse due to a long standing disagreement between colour and I. In short I cant paint… so yeah. Anyway, this went through three iterations to end up here. I submit it under the “favourites” tag because I love creating characters and giving them a backstory.

This is Jo, (originally Io :/ ), who is the daughter of death and the world-smith (the dude who makes planets). She found her own way as they aren’t really the type to stick around. Basically you don’t mess with her. The devil tried to once and she simply said “How do you like your lungs?” and escaped through a backdoor the world-smith had left in a mountainside. A few nights later he awoke to find his lungs placed gently on the pillow next to him and a note telling him to ‘take a hike’ in far less kind language. Being the daughter of the dude who literally makes the inner workings of the universe, she got them out with ease… meanwhile he never could figure out how to get them back in. Needless to say the devil did very much leave her alone after that. (…couldn’t even voice his frustration at her really. :/ )

Sorry we didn’t catch this right away!

These giant rock elementals are seen most often carrying huge forests on their backs. As such, the people who make themselves at home on them are called the wandering tree folk.