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I took a bunch of photos today on my walk with Maya and James and Grandma and it was beautiful and sunny out and everything and everyone was pretty but I am using the internet from my phone so I will upload the rest later. I picked this one to upload partly cause Maya is so pretty and charming and photogenic so I have a ton of good ones of her and partly because I was using it to show Grandpa a bunch of stuff you can do with raw photos. I edited a few while showing him stuff but the other ones mostly had stuff wrong with them (white balance, overexposed etc) while this one was already one of my best shots and it was more like just turning the volume up versus actually changing the mood significantly or correcting stuff. I am excited to do more photography due to my photography class this term as well.

Anyways, it was a great day.



I reblog this every time it pops up, because there’s something so comforting about it.

The cat in the second gif: move overrrrrrrr *pushes with feet*

Maya baby it’s us

Everyone needs this on their blog

cause reasons.


“I’ve got to admit it’s getting better.  It’s a little better all the time.”

Pencil crayon self portraits 6 months apart (October vs today).

I guess maybe I am getting better.

Not only to I love today’s drawing, but this makes me so happy <3

Also I dig the blue hair.





how do you cat?

you dont

cats dont logic

Cats aren’t bound by the laws of nature.

Never apply logic to cats.

Rebloging for maya


I sewed Poes a fabulous new dress and I guess none of you saw it so I’m reposting 🙂

All the fabric is recycled! The cat print skirt fabric I found at a thrift store, the tulle is a sample, the red ribbons are off chocolate and my mom gave me a tiny bit of the red sequined stuff.

This is so cute! You would be so good at a design type job. This or pandora beads 😛


It’s a joke just like communism <3

Happy Valentines to you too maya <3