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Slam Poetry

In a ninja match I would kick butt so hard that you would be found in the yard of someone overseas,

and even they would’ve heard of me,

and you would try and get revenge,

to no end,

but what can you really do against a ninja who is better than you, but try and get by and lie about what happened that day and come up with some hyperbole, about how you didn’t want that ninja to cry so you only pretended to try, in order to let that unfortunate guy build some self esteem,

because you didn’t want to be mean, and seem uncaring about other feelings and fellow human beings because no matter how we seem to be theres still something common about you and me and we’re connected,

even if we’ve we’ve neglected to protect that connection

we’re really all the same with purposes and needs, sowing seeds and buying feed, protecting what’s ours and fighting in wars, living in huts and kicking ninja butt.