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I really like this selection of colors. Almost bought golden dragon a couple days ago.

I think this would be a good book to check out next 🙂

John Green sure didn’t let me down with his recommendation of Anna and the French Kiss. Plus, I like love stories AND math 😉

Would anyone like to get me this tshirt for my birthday? I know its a ways off but planning ahead is good. It’s my favourite nerdfighter shirt.


Each mountain is made from 100% lambswool, which has been knitted and felted to create a super soft fabric. The triangular shape is perfect for cuddling and looks great propped up on your sofa to make your own Rocky Mountain scene.  http://hilarygrant.bigcartel.com/

I miss the mountains! There are even rocky mountain cushions…oh man temptation.

Aren’t these lovely? So many pretty things.

I’m quite tempted to buy this schrodinger shirt, just so I can nerd it out even more than usual 🙂

I would totally wear these