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Synthetic granular for affordable point-of-use water purification

From a research group at India’s Institute of Technology Madras:

Creation of affordable materials for constant release of silver ions in water is one of the most promising ways to provide microbially safe drinking water for all. Combining the capacity of diverse nanocomposites to scavenge toxic species such as arsenic, lead, and other contaminants along with the above capability can result in affordable, all-inclusive drinking water purifiers that can function without electricity. […] The nanocomposite exhibits river sand-like properties, such as higher shear strength in loose and wet forms. These materials have been used to develop an affordable water purifier to deliver clean drinking water at US $2.5/y per family. The ability to prepare nanostructured compositions at near ambient temperature has wide relevance for adsorption-based water purification.

[paper] [Pradeep Research Group] [read more @physorg] [via spiegel]

Snowstorm at dusk inspired nails from earlier in the winter.

Getting the hang of stamping 😀

This is my favourite nail design I’ve done so far. The outer half of the nails are painted with (a single layer of) OPI Austin-tatious Turquoise and the inside half are painted Designer, De Better from OPI’s muppet collection. I think it creates a neat metallic effect where the blue almost looks like a shadow because of the curve of the nail. I then did a french tip sort of look overtop with Warm & Fozzie which is probably my favourite of the mini muppets set I got for Christmas (although I haven’t tried all of them yet so I might change my mind.) The overall look is very sparkly. Tumblr taught me how to hold the nail polish bottles.


I made this DFTBA stamp a couple weekends ago. I thought it may be good for wrapping paper and notes as well as generally spreading awesome, but then I had an idea to make this print for my wall, so I don’t forget to be awesome. It’s hard to tell in the picture but I used metallic silver and gold pigment ink (Ink it Up!), a silver paint pen for the ‘Don’t Forget to be Awesome’ lettering, and red, blue and green Staedtler triplus gel-liners for outlining some stuff. I also used a ruler as aguide so that the spacing was relatively even/straight (Okay, so I didn’t do that the first time, and I had to redo it, but I think it looks pretty good now!)

EDIT: I have now opened an etsy shop called Cool Stuff I Want to Buy, you can buy stamps like this in the Stamps – Nerdfighteria section of the shop!

I made some valentines cards