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And this, my friend, is an example of something which creates social currency

Social Currency

Social Currency is defined by the world wide web as information shared which encourages further social encounters. However, I like this blogger’s definition better: “Social Currency is the raw essence of relationships.” Really, saying that you want to create social currency is a fancy way of saying that you want to encourage people to form and build relationships, to interact with one another. The reason it’s worth using this terminology is that people these days, especially business people, tend to think in terms of money and economy, especially when evaluating things. In my opinion, creating the term Social Currency is an attempt to get business people to recognize the the social value of enterprises in order to gain their support. Personally, I just think it’s a cool idea.

Or According to Wikipedia… Social currency is a common term that can be understood as the entirety of actual and potential resources which arise from the presence in social networks and communities, may they be digital or offline. It derives from Pierre Bourdieu’s social capital theory and is about increasing one’s sense of community, granting access to information and knowledge, helping to form one’s identity, and providing status and recognition.