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I’m still busy and we aren’t coming out of hiatus just yet but I had some time and I needed to work off some stress so I did a 4x combo of some of the prompts I’m behind on. Space, Apple, Roads, and Gears.

I don’t know what you guys think but I’m actually quick happy with how this turned out!

Late prompt due to being sick the last couple days… (Space)

My space cat shirt came today!

Also wearing some of the bobby pins I made pretty colors by painting them with nail polish.


Of course, this is what it looked like before I started editing out the space cats.

Edge or No Edge?

I started making this picture for Kristina Horner’s things found in space that don’t belong in space contest, but stars take a lot longer to draw than I anticipated. I saw some other people made No Edge jokes, but despite that and the contest being over I still, of course, finished my drawing.

I used black paper and drew an outline in white pencil crayon. The bottom and grid of space are also both done in white pencil crayon. I used slight amounts of other pencil crayon colors to give a bit of a textured look. The majority of the stars were drawn with a silver gel pen, but I also used a variety of colors of triplus gel-liners and metallic markers. The largest silver bits were made with a paint pen.

Anyways, Enjoy!

EDIT: Oh no! I missed a space cat!