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Tumblr, I know we are all tumbly and everything, and cats and Paula Deen Riding Things and Ryan Gosling Reading YA, and that’s all great. It’s perfect, really. I wouldn’t want to change it.

But can we just take a moment right now to be grateful and astonished that we are alive and able to bear witness to the universe? Can we just spend like four seconds letting it sink in that we are here, together, amid something much larger than we can effectively imagine?

How strange it is to be anything at all.

A doodly cover I made a while ago 🙂


spaces by Faded Vision

Stars are stitched in to my soul…

I saw the stars last night in Dundas Square. They threw white roses at the audience. Man, that Torquil Campbell sure has a lot of charisma. I took some blurry photographs but opted to post this lovely footage of the event instead. I was there! So cool! We missed the first band, but Land of Talk was also pretty good. Not as great as Amy and Torquil though. Their voices are so lovely, their music is so lovely. Torquil made lots of jokes about them doing drugs. Amy finally interjected “We don’t actually do that many drugs.” To which Torquil replied “Well not any more, we’re fucking ancient.” He also described a beautiful song called “One More Night” as “a song about fucking someone to death.” It was just an interesting contrast. We got a three song encore, which was pretty cool. The only dissapoint was that they didn’t play one of adam and my favourite songs “Personal.” 

As I mentioned before, costume party.

POETS (Piss On Everything Tomorrow’s Saturday) is the Engineering Lounge at my school. Basically the beginning of term party was themed failed superheroes and supervillians. I dressed up as “something to do with stars!” (People kept asking me what I was and that was my standard reply, so I guess it’s my name now, SOMETHING about my costume had to be fail!) Before I left res I packed my pockets with gold star stickers which I both stealthily and not so stealthily stuck on to people ALL NIGHT! My friends, Keith and Sean, ended up with quite a few. I actually ended up triple starring at least one person, and double starring quite a few. This is a fun activity though, I seriously recommend going around with stickers and giving them to strangers. People’s reactions vary but at this event people were pretty friendly and I received a good number of ‘thank yous’ and smiles. It’s a good icebreaker too. In general I was pretty thrilled about the whole idea.

P.S. Woo Nanotech! Way to represent last night!

P.S.S. I stickered at least THREE EdCom. 😀 😀 😀

P.S.S.S. I want to get involved in EngSoc now!