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“I’m studying intellectual property law.”
“What interests you about that?”
“I want to allow artists to use technology to distribute their work while still controlling their rights. I want to protect them from big corporations who co-opt their work and who use high powered legal teams to win lawsuits based on technicalities. And it pays well.”


Plug: the brain of your devices





This 17-Year-Old Coder Is Saving Twitter From TV Spoilers

Imagine you forget to watch a new episode of Game of Thrones the night it airs. Even if coworkers stay mum about important plot points, Twitter is abuzz with spoilers. Fortunately, there’s Twivo, a new program that allows Twitter users to censor their feeds from mentioning a certain TV show (and its characters) for a set time period. Jennie Lamere, a 17-year-old girl, invented the software last month—and won the grand prize at a national coding competition where Lamere was the only female who presented a project, and the only developer to work alone. Internet: Meet the reason we need more women in tech.

(From Mother Jones)

I’m so excited by all of the teenagers in science and tech that we’re hearing about these days. MORE GIRLS PLEASE! 

At SXSW, we talked about how we can’t wait to see the apps fangirls create to make the internet further work the way THEY want. What we may have not said so clearly is that it’s really the way that EVERYONE wants the internet to work. Go girl.

^^^  so into this.

More girls in science/engineering/programming!


phiLOLZophy: Wood Heat

Why I want to create Educational Videos

I’m fascinated by science and technology, which is why I’ve been attending the University of Waterloo for Nanotechnology Engineering for the last two years. However, my real passion lays in creation and collaboration. Those magical moments where ideas and concepts click in to place, either in a project, a classroom, or alone with a book (or these days, the web). I want to help create those sorts of moments for people. I want to teach, but more than facts I want to help people uncover the way things fit together. In my experience, this type of teaching takes hard work and creativity. I find ideas are more often understood when they’re jiggled and stretched before they’re laid out flat. When they’re expressed through imagery and narrative. When the students are taught how to connect the dots themselves. I find all of this fascinating, and I want to get better at it, I think it’s something that matters. And the nano part was a logical choice for me, since when I first learned about it, it seemed more like magic then reality, and because many of the pieces have locked together for me in my last couple years of study.

*Note: This was a part of my application to YouTube’s Next Up Edu Guru Program*


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