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From Debbie Sterling’s TEDxPSU talk, “Inspiring the next generation of female engineers.” Sterling is the creator of GoldieBlox, a set of toys featuring Goldie, a female engineer who guides girls to develop problem-solving skills and build projects, introducing girls to the world of engineering through a tech-savvy female role model.

Watch Sterling’s entire talk below, and learn more about GoldieBlox at its website.

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Today’s drawing was inspired by Amanda Palmer’s TED talk (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xMj_P_6H69g). I found her description of street performing especially touching. I think people who reach out to strangers, how see the unseen, are superheroes.

(Sorry it’s a bit late)


An excellent and concise description of SOPA and PIPA and why they are a threat to the internet and freedom of speech.

If you are an American citizen, please contact your government representatives and remind them that you vote, and that you don’t like this.