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I wish I had the time to do things like participate in ze’s missions and draw little comics, and edit photos and write amateur articles for tumblr. Make stamps and journal more and the rest of it. Things that just take little chunks of times and use creativity, and things that take more time like designing  tumblr theme and starting an etsy shop.

I recognize this wish and agree to put it mostly aside for the time being, because school is busy but worthwhile, and writing about stuff in the past can be as fun as the present, and I will always have more project ideas but that doesn’t mean I have to abandon the ones I have now. School is worth putting the time in to, and putting these projects aside for the time being, and I understand that and won’t punish myself for it.

And that doesn’t mean I can’t spend 5 minutes writing this, or doodling that, but my most precious projects may not get done, or very few may get done, and the things that do may just be because they flit through my mind at the right moment, and that’s okay for now.

Oh, and I like twitter so far…



Sit down, breathe deep, take a moment.

oh I needed that

This is perfect for my attention span.

This is just perfect: http://thequietplaceproject.com/90seconds

Obvious Conclusion

A. Filling in my calendar with mandatory activities such as sleep, meals, and scheduled events such as work, school, meetings helps me see what time is left for other work and play.

B. Filling out one event at a time is a pain and takes a lot of time because of the way my lists are color coordinated and I am a perfectionist and want all the details to be written down rawr rawr rawr.


C. If I schedule events to auto-repeat and then just adjust them individually as needed I will save time and remove a procrastination block. I already do this for my class schedule, why have I been copying events to be identical on 5 adjacent days, what is this madnesss!!!

I don’t know how I didn’t see this before.

Looking at your entire dashboard…

…is a bad habit to get into because then you’ll miss a few days and get 40 pages in and still not be caught up and miss a few more days and lose all hope of catching up. However, you may still stumble across your most feminist friend reblogging something worthwhile, and the most fantastic, wonderful thing that is Ze Frank’s new show, and then remember you can check James, and Stephane, and Almendra, and the Vlogbrothers, and Neil Gaiman, and the girl who draws cat comics, and the girl who draws hunger games and avengers comics, and philolzophy and and and then you realize why it is that you don’t want to miss posts, everyone you follow is effing awesome.

But still, calm down, check some favorites, and feel happy that there are too many great and beautiful and thoughtful things in the world for you to be able to observe them all.

Plus, you encountered a squirrel that lives in a nest in a tree practically in your front yard today, and it’s unlikely you could’ve found that on the internet.

In a similarily optimistic post

scheduling and recording every minute of my time feels somewhat like my life is being reduced to a checklist in some of my darker moments.

Unfortunately, it’s hard to focus on time management without pondering time.

I’m feeling slightly adrenaliney now, so I’m going to eat my chilli before it gets any worse (hopefully).

Complexities of Longing

Remembering people and places I’ve lots touch with makes me wonder if humans were meant to travel wide and far, even amiciably growing a part from people has a sort of pain to it. There is only so much time and energy to put into friendships, and maybe if we didn’t move around so much we would not aquire and shed the way we do, for it is hard to remain close over great distance, especially when years slip by. I do not know why it is I desire to hold on to connections so tightly, although human nature itself is surely the reason in part, I wonder if perhaps the isolation I felt from my peers for some time led my to hold so tight to the friends I made. Sometimes I simply forget, but if I remember, bumping into some trace of what we had, or the person themself, the waves of nostalgia overtake me. It is a strange feeling to be content in the present, and even excited for the future, while still missing the past. However it feels rooted to my extreme disconfort with eternity and mortality, I would like to have forever to explain time in both directions.

Strangely enough, this is probably also why I’m a pack rat, and a compassionate person.

Sometimes I feel like I can’t change anything

and I become frustrated with the systems and all their imperfections and the people who know one speaks for, and the complexity and compassion and time required to positively change things and how tired people get how people don’t always get the help they need and how we don’t empathize as much as we could and I just sort of get freaked out and then I remember that there are a whole group of passionate young visionaries who want to do good things for this world and all her people and then I can breath again.

Talking with the roommates can get intense.

Thinking about trying this. Not on a day to day basis, but you know, adapted to an engineering student’s schedual