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Feedback on these infinitree ideas?

My submission for Threadless’s Simpsons contest is up for scoring!

If you vote and comment I will love you forever!

You could also vote on my Antisocial Hedgehog design while you’re at it 🙂


We’re super excited to announce our newest design challenge:

Create a design inspired by one of The Onion’s Headlines!

Start digging through those headlines, folks. We can’t wait for the submissions to start rolling in!

OOOH That’s Tempting

The second design I made for the This Star Won’t Go Out T-shirt Contest.

I actually spent a lot of time designing the star lettering font by hand (got to use my beloved light table) before creating digital vector versions I could arrange more easily. I also did like the effect of the variety of the hand drawn stars so I may upload some of the rough work later.