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Stop trying to make google+ happen, Gretchen.

Tumblr: Here’s everything Donut has ever been in. Here’s a fifteen second gif of this actor eating a donut. This is what it means when donuts are eaten in this sign. Here’s how to kill somebody with a donut. Here’s how to bury a body with a donut. Here’s Supernatural. 

Here’s Benedict Cumberbatch eating a donut. Here’s a map of per capita donut consumption. Here’s an inspirational quote about beauty written in helvetica on a donut. Here’s how donuts are tools of the patriarchy. 

God I love tumblr.


This card was designed with love just for you Tumblr!

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I updated my bio

For pretty much the first time ever besides changing my age and adding a link to youtube at some point.

Isn’t change terrifying?


Pretty sure yes.

Anyways this is what you used to be able to read about me:

Here lay the thoughts, dreams, memories, drawings, poems and inspirations of a 19 year old who likes books, string theory, colourful socks and laughter

I don’t have Twitter but I have YouTubez

And here is what you can now read about me:

Here lay the thoughts, opinions, artistic and scientific endeavors, anxieties, hopes, and inspirations of a 20 year old who likes books, evolving education, design, and ‘ah-ha’ moments.

Oh, and Etsy.

Social Media


Big deal, right guys?


I posted this on twitter first, but I still love you most, sweet tumblr.