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schrödinger’s cat is ADLEIAVDE.

(sent to me by @amaiacrespo. if you know the original designer, tell me so I can credit them).



My newest font, Lunchbox, a fully handdrawn, multifunctional, customizable and totally awesome typeface. 

Check ‘er out! http://www.myfonts.com/fonts/kimmy/lunch-box/

Oh man, I love it. The main text is fairly similar to Populaire, at least they’d be used in the same way that I can imagine, but the beautiful alternates and the ornaments…so tempted to get it while it’s on sale.

I love this so much! Acquired!

Reblogged from one of the blogs that inspired me to join tumblr. I love seeing DFTBAs from nerdfighters I didn’t know were nerdfighters, and people who may not even realize what nerdfighteria is.

Midterms are over!

So today I decided to give the typography tracing project in Karen Kavett’s Graphic Design Without a Computer: Part 1 video!

Since I don’t currently have tracing paper I just traced the letters as accurately as I could using paper and pen.

Since I love color I pained in some of the negative space after 🙂