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This is genuinely fascinating to me…how the people of the internet want, love, and enjoy reality and authenticity. Why then are we almost always given the exact opposite? Maybe Lady Gaga had to be freaking crazy and weird in order for people to want to see her as a person. I can only think how lucky I am to have people want to see me be myself without first having to wear a dress made out of meat…though I know you’d all love to see that. #punishmentidea

Very interesting thoughts about a beautiful song and a person who is hard to place. Thinking about it reminds me of stargirl a little bit, people who are very unique and act radically different from other people cause turmoil in a sense. By not fitting so extraordinarily well they cause people to reasses the way they label others, the cause social orders to be rethought. They also tend to face a lot of anger and misuderstanding at some points and be greatly inspiring and admired at others.

Also, John and Hank Green have tumblr now! Yay!


What people fail to realize is that these people, these mainstream ‘artists’ are signed to contracts that basically make them into puppets of fame. Why do you think there’s such a similar pattern in all mainstream songs or artists? Sex, going clubbing, money… colorful and dramatic music videos/clothing. It’s what sells, and of course that’s the main goal of these music businesses. Being an artist is merely being yourself because we’re all naturally unique. That’s why I feel it is so illusory for people to believe that these mainstream people are artists because they act upon what the masses want from them, rather than personally self-expressing themselves, resulting in a mass population of people who do the same thing and feel ashamed if they don’t fit up to those kinds of standards.

Some great points. I think there are some mainstream artists which are truly unique, but I think this touches on the point why I’m uninterested in a lot of mainstream music.