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John Green recently requested quote posters, and here’s my TFIOS themed addition to the bunch.

I designed the glasses and book myself and liked the glasses so much I made a pop art thing with them too.

As my boyfriend pointed out: There is a reader in the word “books” and a book in the word “readers” tee hee.

Anyways, I may be getting this printed for my own wall. We hear you John!

An updated version has been posted here.


Hank Green’s Tumblr: Online Video and Awards

Today my boyfriend got me a puppy-sized elephant for our 8 month anniversary.

And then I put it on my head. I think John Green would be proud.

My Photoshop experimentation is going well, Adam took this pic in my dorm room but you can’t tell, can you?!



I just watched the first year of the vlog brothers… only took, what, 3… 4 months?

btw… this song is simultaneously sad and happy… or as one of my friends would say, its bittersweet 🙂

I listen to hank’s songs on repeat during work and homework sometimes and this is one of my favourites. In fact I rather like all his goodbye songs. This usually makes me tear up a little bit, that may just be because I’m an emotional sap, but I like things that way.


This is genuinely fascinating to me…how the people of the internet want, love, and enjoy reality and authenticity. Why then are we almost always given the exact opposite? Maybe Lady Gaga had to be freaking crazy and weird in order for people to want to see her as a person. I can only think how lucky I am to have people want to see me be myself without first having to wear a dress made out of meat…though I know you’d all love to see that. #punishmentidea

Very interesting thoughts about a beautiful song and a person who is hard to place. Thinking about it reminds me of stargirl a little bit, people who are very unique and act radically different from other people cause turmoil in a sense. By not fitting so extraordinarily well they cause people to reasses the way they label others, the cause social orders to be rethought. They also tend to face a lot of anger and misuderstanding at some points and be greatly inspiring and admired at others.

Also, John and Hank Green have tumblr now! Yay!